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Young Learner Age Range Policy

Consideration for Acceptance

For students who are younger or older than the age range of the course, the following action is taken into consideration before accepting the student:

  1. Will accepting the student raise safeguarding issues?
  2. Is the course or any aspect of the programme fundamentally unsuitable for the student?
  3. Do the parents/legal guardians understand the age range of the course and accept that there may be aspects of the course unsuitable for the student?
  4. Can LAL manage issues which may happen as a result of accepting the student at the school?
  5. Will the acceptance of students outside the age range fundamentally change the experience for other students who do fall into the age range?

Action Points

Child Safeguarding is of paramount importance to LAL and adherence to LAL’s Child Safeguarding policy is mandatory for all staff. All staff will be made aware of students who do not fall within the age range and, where necessary, students will be placed in accommodation and classrooms which are suitable for their age range. Students who are within the age range will be consulted as to the effect on their stay at our schools.

Age sensitive activities will be monitored and where deemed unsuitable, we will provide an alternative.

A disclaimer will be sent to the third party provider or the parent/legal guardian of direct students for them to sign and send back prior to the arrival of the student

An email is sent to all third party providers or the parents/legal guardians for direct students, stating that LAL reserves the right to accept students outside its published age range.

Students under the age of 12 will be supervised either by the student’s group leader or by an LAL member of staff during free time while on excursions

Any student who is over 17 years of age is accepted on the basis that they adhere to all the rules and regulations of the school and its provider. The student will be treated as if he or she is under 18. Any action by said student which is deemed legal in the UK for someone 18 or over which is against the rules of the school will result in disciplinary action, including immediate repatriation.